Universal Response Is Instantaneous

C: Last night, I got the sense that you are formulating a response to an unasked question. Bill, from Metaphysicsmusic1, responded positively to something you said in a recent post about how the universal response is instantaneous. Do you have something to say about that?

H: The Universe is comprised of one thing and that is Source Energy. Everything is an extension of this. You are a part of it, the way your toe is a part of your body.

When you desire a thing, Source knows and source agrees with you. Every time on every subject.The Source of All that Is says yes. Always yes, never no. On every topic.

You ask for a thing via your emotional output. Source matches your emotional output and responds in like kind. Instantly.

Let’s say you want something. Money is a big issue for many of you so let’s use money in this example. Let’s say you desire more money. But the emotional offering you share with source is the equivalent of ‘I don’t have enough money’. Two things always happen. You create in your physical realm of possibilities the possibility of having enough money and the possibility of not having enough money. You create two equal and opposite options in the physical universe. This keeps the Universe completely balanced.

We recently said that the Universe is electromagnetic and you attract and repel life experience much like a magnet. Once you have made a request, the object of your desires is yours. Universe always says yes. Your job is to align with Source’s response.

What most of you do is continue offering the repelling electromagnetic vibration and wonder why the object of your desires never arrives. What you need to do is turn yourself so your attractive magnetism, the other side of the magnet, is presented.

Try this experiment. Hold two magnets, one in each hand. Now, bring the two closer and closer together until you feel either an attractive force or a repellant force. The attractive side wants to stick together. The repellant side will not stick together. It will not. And this is you, attracting and repelling your life. When you want something, and want something, and it never arrives it is not because God isn’t answering your prayers. It isn’t because you didn’t work hard enough or because you don’t want it enough. It doesn’t arrive because you did not align the attractive forces necessary to allow it into your life.

We have an analogy we think will assist you in understanding this.

It has been cold for the area where the entity lives. The temperature has been as low as the single digits and teens. The first evening of the cold snap, it snows. She puts on her heavy coat and a leash on the dog and away they go on their regular walk. They like to go to a lake close by where there is a fenced area for the dog to run off leash and a dock where she likes to stand. There is a lovely view of the lake and here is where she has been practicing her prayers of gratitude.

This particular afternoon she arrives at the entrance to the lake as she has literally thousands of times before. She must pass through a gate to walk the last 180 feet to the lake front. But the lock is frozen and her key will not slide into the keyhole. She holds the knob in her gloved hand and attempts to warm it but after several minutes, it will not budge.

She trudges through the snow back to the house and asks her husband what to do. He tells her to walk a different direction. She is adamant that she will get to the beach and makes some suggestions. Each of them is met with the same answer: No, that will make it worse in this kind of cold.

She is going to that beach and says so. Her husband is pragmatic and unmoved. She leaves the house somewhat testily, realizing she is not going to get this as easily as she anticipated, but absolutely determined that she shall visit the lake, with the dog, now. She wanted help that he is not able to give her.

This is the important part of the story. No one can give you what you want. You must align with what you want yourself.

The entity walks back down to the gate. She stands with one gloved hand on the knob and one ungloved hand on the key. She warms the key. She presses her ungloved hand to the knob. She cannot hold it there long. The knob is too cold to tolerate. She tries and tries and does not give up. After many minutes, the key slips in a tiny bit.

The dog is bored and tries to move away. He has found a scent. He pulls on the leash. She drops a glove in the snow. She stoops to pick it up. He pulls harder. She loses her balance and drops it again. He is not making it easy. She contains him. She continues. And continues. The key slides in a bit farther. And then a bit more. It takes a long time. Ten minutes or more. But she does not give up and finally the key turns the lock. She pulls on the gate. It is frozen. She pulls harder. It opens. Then she must pull the gate open into the several inches of snow that have accumulated. Finally, both pass through the gate.

This is the best analogy we have seen yet for aligning with that which you desire. You may be able to see the thing you want as the entity could see the lake on the other side of the fence. Perhaps it is a car driving down the road that your heart desires. But it is not yours until you align with it and you align with it by making whatever small adjustments are needed until you make enough adjustments to achieve your goal.

This analogy brings up another consideration. If the thing you want is an object, one can often find a way to get it. Stealing is one option. The important thing is, stealing or cheating your way to a thing may get you the thing but it will not get you the alignment that keeps other things like it coming your way. Make the effort to find the alignment.

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