Update on Higg(in)s’ Return

Connecting with Higg(in)s has been inconsistent lately. When they do come in, they feel distant and faint. Last night was different. I sat down in my comfy chair and quieted my mind to find them. Immediately my head began to move in the usual patterns. The entire connection lasted about an hour and near the end of their time with me, they began shaking my head as one would when meaning ‘no’. They did this slowly at first then increasingly rapidly until the liquid in my eyes seemed to slosh within my eyeballs. This was repeated multiple times. When they reached whatever conclusion they seek, they left quietly.

In the night I was awakened, not by them. And for once it wasn’t the dog, either. The return of sleep would not come and after an hour of lying awake, I moved out to the couch where naturally sleep overtook me immediately. This is only of interest because when I awakened next, it must have been around five, my immediate awareness was of my breath. I took three or four nice breaths in and out through my nose and then my lips parted, just on the left side forming a sort of hole, and a breath whooshed out of me, not mine apparently, and then I breathed in again and whoever it was had gone. It was very much like the death rattle I’ve mentioned before only with a significant whoosh and no rattle.

It was notable because I haven’t caught them at this recently. It was peculiar in the strange formation of the hole on the left side of my lips they formed as they whooshed away. Also, the breath leaving me seemed completely independent of the breaths coming and going through my nose.

Another thing I wonder about is the head shaking. It sometimes seems as though they are trying to shake my consciousness loose. They have said in the long past that they would eventually work through me while I am not conscious, and this could be their way of preparing me for that. It’s very curious. I’m anxious to discover the answers to what they are doing and what they are preparing for.

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