Sound Baths and Tuning Fork Therapy

A while back I mentioned having a wonderful experience called a sound bath. Susan Snyder, who lives not too far from me and is the webmaster for Life Is A Journey…Not A Guided Tour, shared information for a local sound bath practitioner, Jennifer Durant. Like Celine Weiss, the practitioner who conducted my wonderful experience in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, Jennifer is a Reiki Master who also does sound healing. Jennifer is located in Bellingham, Washington. Her website is

Susan said about Jennifer: She’s not only a Reiki Master but is very intuitive and uses her gifts also for nutritional counseling and sound healing. She can be contacted through her website She resonates for me these days.

If you want to treat yourself, and you are living in the Pacific Northwest, Jennifer comes well recommended.

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  1. Thanks for sharing.

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