Focused Creation Session, May 5, 2022

Tonight, Higgins lead me and my sister-in-law in a meditation for rain in New Mexico. New Mexico has been on fire for quite some time now. Shannon mentioned today, via phone, that the wind is spreading the fires. Since it rained here all day, I was feeling rain pretty well and Higgins suggested that we do a session tonight, while I’m still feeling rain.

The entire meditation and phone call took fewer than thirty minutes. Higgins started by bringing us to a level they called Middle C. Once we were flowing this easily achievable energy, they switched to having us feel rain, starting with a pitter-patter of rain and slowly increasing to a steady soaking rain. They had us allow the land of New Mexico to absorb the rain like a sponge and when the sponge was saturated, they had us focus downpours of rain upon the fires burning in New Mexico.

At one point, they stopped long enough to thank the fires for reflecting mankind’s current energetic focus and asking for the essence of fire to cooperate with us. Cooperating with us means the fire can’t burn and it seemed necessary to gain this cooperation.

Higgins poured rain energy across the state until all the fires were out. As we closed, it seemed there is some small area where there remains something that feels like smoldering embers. In general, the fires were cooperative in ceasing. Higgins stated that today’s meditation was a jump in, jump out sort of intentional creation session. It was very quick and hopefully very effective.

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