Meditation with Higgins on April 20, 2022

With the war in Ukraine ongoing I asked Higgins whether there was any more that we could do. If you will remember, we did fifteen meditations for Ukraine when the war began. After the fifteenth meditation Higgins said no further meditations were needed at that time and that they, Higgins, would begin a data collection process to determine whether or not the meditations were effective. Whether they were or were not, Higgins, it seemed, planned to review the data and make whatever adjustments to the energetic offerings that might be needed.

April twenty-first, I recorded this in my journal:

“I meditated with Higgins last night. They’ve been mostly absent since the meditations for Ukraine. Mariupol is under siege and the town does not appear to believe it can safely evacuate, nor win a 10:1 Russian invasion. So, I asked Higgins to do something and they meditated something they called ‘Middle C’, in reference to my resent sound bath.”

I remember this meditation as knocking me out, as in, I became very, very sleepy and quiet. I didn’t write much about it, in part because I went straight to sleep. Now, though, it seems worth writing about as the Russians decided to surround Mariupol rather than attack the steel plant where those who are left, whether civilian or military, are holed up.

This leads me to today. I asked Higgins what we can do to help Mariupol withstand the Russian siege. They said, “We will ‘meditate’ with you tonight. Invite a group if you choose. The topic will be, in essence: appetite for food fully sated, wonderfully comfortable, hanging out with friends, amusement, conversation, all fully sated to ‘fat’ or ‘butter’.

This meditation will be tonight. We’ll see what happens next….

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