Sound Bath

A short note today. I am traveling in Arizona and New Mexico and did a fun thing I hadn’t heard about before: I enjoyed a sound bath. Maybe sound healing is the technical name, but it felt like a massage, or soak in a warm bath.

On arrival I was invited by the healer, Celine Weiss, into a lovely room with a massage table in the center. the perimeter was ringed with drums, a gong, singing bowls and chimes. After a conversation during which we determined an intention for the session, she invited me to lie on the table. She began to tone these bowls around me, to drum and to use the gong. It was a lovely, remarkably relaxing hour.

If this sort of thing interests you, her website is

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2 Responses to Sound Bath

  1. Sounds like a bit of heaven! One of the local healers (Reiki Master) I work with combines sound healing with Reiki. She uses singing bowls, tuning forks and has a gong in her healing space, allowing spirit to guide her as to what to use.

    • It sounds very similar to what I did. I believe she may have said she was also a Reiki healer. Will you share her contact info? If it is okay with her I’ll post it.

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