Further Meditations for Peace in Ukraine?

Someone asked me today whether Higg(in)s will be doing more meditations for peace in Ukraine. This prompts me to share something they told me recently when I asked about more of these meditations.

Higg(in)s: When you request something from the Universe, the Universe always responds. This is absolute. Sometimes, perhaps much of the time, it seems as though the Universe does not respond. That is not true. The Universe always responds. Let’s explain how a request is placed.

The Universe, everything in it, vibrates. The frequency of the vibration tells the Universe something. It is information. And, because the Universe responds in like kind, the Universe responds with material offerings that vibrate in the same frequency range. You emit frequency when you are awake. You literally maintain an ongoing conversation with the Universe and the Universe responds all day long with material offerings equal to the frequency you emit.

The reason that it often seems as though the Universe is not responding to you is that you think wanting something and offering the vibrational equivalent of that thing are the same. They are not. Consider a vending machine. Let’s say Oreos are B4. You must press B4 to get Oreos. If you press B3 you won’t get Oreos. You’ll get something else. When you think the Universe is not responding, what is really happening is that you have ‘asked’ for the same thing over and over again thinking you are asking for something different, or you ‘asked’ for something but the vibrational equivalent you offered wasn’t quite equal to the thing you want, or you ‘asked’ appropriately but did not hold the frequency long enough to receive it.

Back to the recent meditations for peace in Ukraine. We do not need to have more meditations for peace because the Universe always responds to every request, and because we know that you offered the exact vibrational request because we helped you with that. The process now is to receive peace. The Universe is offering peace options, but you must allow peace by continuing to emit a frequency of peace or quite similar. This is the data we are collecting. We are monitoring how humanity connects to the essence of peace that your meditation group presented. Peace is available. Humanity must be able to tap into it.

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