If I haven’t already mentioned it I’ve been looking at a blog called Simulism. It’s physics. My two semesters of physics barely qualifies me to read this, but I tried. Yep. Pretty complex.

The reason I’m interested in physics, and specifically Simulism, is that Higgins teachings continually seem to edge up to physic, and from what I could understand about simulism it seems similar to what Higgins talks about. So I contacted the webmaster for the site, Alain Rifat, and asked him whether he would be willing to write it for the lay person. He graciously agreed and there are now two posts to read that make a quite complex subject more approachable.

I encourage you to read them. It is called Introduction to Simulism: One Step at a Time. The first posts are The Weirdness of Entanglement and What is Matter? Perhaps you will feel the same frisson of excitement that I did.

Happy reading.


April 12, 2021

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7 Responses to Simulism

  1. As a student of energy healing, this other perspective of our world being a simulation is leveraged. I don’t know if you’ve read My Stroke of Insight, by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, but I’ll never forget how her perception of reality changed as the left side of her brain shut down during a stroke. (There are videos of her on YouTube describing it). It’s truly amazing how our brains affect our perception of “reality”.

    • simulismblog says:

      Yes. What happened to Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is amazing and she describes it very well! Her intervention in Ted’s conferences is superb! Thank you.

      It would be nice if we could for a while, perceive the world as other animals do! Dolphins perceive the world more so with their ears than with their eyes, like bats do. Dogs perceive it with their nose… Reality is not the same for different species and maybe for different persons also.

      As for energy healing, it seems easier to understand in a simulated universe than in a material one, isn’t it?

  2. simulismblog says:

    Hello Cheryl,

    Thank you for your active participation in the writing of these texts. Your corrections, remarks, comments and suggestions are essential to make them clear and allow a comparative analysis with Higgins’ teachings.

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