Awake; Beware

Written Thursday, January 13, 2005

I had a vision, it may have been Tuesday morning, that I couldn’t read clearly. But the two words I could decipher were awake and beware, or aware.

I was checking the batch today at work. It was about 3 PM. I picked up the last vancomycin 1 gram and it seemed funny. After looking at it for awhile I peeled the label off. (The label underneath read) phenylephrine 10 mg.

Note: ‘the batch’ is what we call the intravenous compounds we make for patients in the hospital. It would consist of things such as a powdered antibiotic reconstituted and added to intravenous fluid. As the pharmacist, I am responsible for giving a final check and authorizing it to be dispensed to a patient. Phenylephrine is used to support blood pressure. Vancomycin is an antibiotic.

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4 Responses to Awake; Beware

  1. simulismblog says:

    An extraordinary experience, especially for its implications on the image we have of the nature of time, of ourselves and of our free will!

    Whatever the reactions of the skeptics, this is clearly a premonition and not a mere coincidence! Not understanding our dreams, we tend not to give them the importance that an experience like this reveals. Yet the effort required to remember, record and analyze them is profoundly justified when an experience such as this occurs. Premonitions are real; the future seems to be already written while being, paradoxically, modifiable! Hence the questioning of the understanding we have of time and free will.

    The dream organizer knew that there would be, the next day, an absolutely unforeseeable event that could be important. He therefore had access to the future, as if it already existed. But the warning suggests that the future is not immutable. Provided that the dream is remembered, it is possible to avoid the accident by increasing vigilance. But it is also possible that the dream organizer only wanted to make Cheryl aware of her ability to experience premonitions, to realize her potential. An interpretation compatible with a preparation for future events of communication with Higgins.

    If the future already exists, what about our free will? Fortunately this premonition suggests that it is changeable and exists only as a probability. This result is consistent with what physics is discovering. The determinism underlying the materialist worldview is profoundly challenged by quantum mechanics which discovers a probabilistic and non-determined world. Some models even imagine the existence of a “Multiverse” in which all sorts of futures would exist at the same time…

    Finally, the capacities of the dream organizer suggest that we are much more than just the physical body since, through this organizer which should be a part of ourselves, we have access to information inaccessible to our physical body. One cannot help but think that this dream organizer is part of our soul, more than our physical body.

    Very nice experience! Thank you for sharing!

    • Higgins often stated that the future is not set. We have all sorts of possibilities and that we attract every moment of life experience by the emotions we experience as we move through our days. Our emotions, or rather the vibration that emanates from our bodies when we have an emotion, is the way we communicate with the universe. It is a constant conversation whether we are aware of it or not. Further, it can be ‘harnessed’, utilized intentionally, to draw to us those sorts of experiences that we prefer.

      In this sort of scenario, it is possible that my intentions were on safety as was the intention of the person who would have otherwise received that potentially life threatening medication error. In such a case, the universe would stimulate me to notice the small inconsistency that drew my attention to that IV bag. This allows the person who mislabeled it to have their life experience, that person is a very conscientious person who might worry about making a mistake. It allows me to catch the error. I think of myself as being conscientious in performing my duties. And it allows the person who did not receive the mislabeled IV to receive quality care because someone was looking out for their well-being.

      I’m coming to believe our lives are irreversibly intertwined in this way.

      • simulismblog says:

        You write: « Our emotions, or rather the vibration that emanates from our bodies when we have an emotion, is the way we communicate with the universe. » It reminds the way quantum objects behave when they are in their wavelike form! They become intertwined also! Amazing!

      • Yes. Many times in the articles you are writing I find myself tingling with excitement. It is what Higgins has described so many times only using different words to describe it.

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