January 3, 2005

I had another, very brief, vision today. It was sometime during the day. I sat down on my bed for a moment. The word was “five”. I almost totally ignored it.

January 4, 2005

Dad called today. He called from the VA emergency department where he is being admitted for a pulmonary embolism. (My brother) and I are going to meet tomorrow and go see him.

January 5, 2005

Visited Dad at the VA. He was in the medical intensive care unit (MICU). It was room 5. Right outside the nursing station. Not good. When I got there, someone came in to do a test for deep vein thrombosis but the test was not conclusive. He has had a bilateral PE and will probably go home on oxygen in about three days.

(Please imagine this scenario: I walk onto the unit and am looking for my dad and as my eyes roam the unit looking for direction, I see my dad looking from his bed out the door at me. I look back at him and his face is framed by the door with the number “5” on the frame. It shook me really and truly.)

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2 Responses to Five

  1. janonlife says:

    I’ve had similar experiences. The frustrating part is being unable to understand the significance of the vision or sound until later. Proof that some sort of early alert system is active though. Hope your dad recovered fully.

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