Hi Everyone,

I found myself not able to sleep last night so went out to the sofa so as not to wake my husband with my restlessness. I read and watched television to boredom and then decided to check in with Higgins. As usual, they are there but they’re not and finally I gave up and was able to go to sleep.

The thing you might find interesting is that when I awakened this morning I was stretched straight out on the sofa with both arms straight above my head. There was an intense tingling throughout my body that continued for many minutes while I woke more fully. In that waking moment, noticing my position and the tingling, I felt like an antenna.

Anyone have insight on this? Love to hear your thoughts on this.


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2 Responses to Update

  1. Bill Sheets says:

    Hi Cheryl. Interesting. Do you remember any dreams you may have had? Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Funny. I recall having many dreams lately. (Usually, I don’t remember my dreams.) But that night…no…I don’t think I dreamt (or don’t recall that I dreamt).

      Happy Day after Thanksgiving!

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