Connecting with My “Self”

As you all know, Higgins is taking a break. It is very strange to mentally search for them and not find them. They have been so close for so many years I came to rely on them. It was comforting to reach for them and find them instantly, to ask anything at anytime.

I’ve just been reading The Day the Muses Died on Jan Stone’s blog, Looking at Life. It caused me to wonder again whether this break is not so much for them as it is for me. For me, is this time away from Higgins an opportunity for me to align with my Self, with my Inner Being, that part of me that is eternally connected to Source/God?

When I first came to be aware of Higgins, it was soon after discovering Abraham-Hicks. Their information fascinated me and my friends. We listened to their CD’s over and over and discussed their ideas enthusiastically. During Higgins’ hiatus I’ve returned to Abraham-Hicks and am studying two of their books, The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent and The Astonishing Power of Emotions. Alongside these two, I’m also reading Napoleon Hill’s  book, Think and Grow Rich, which significantly influenced Jerry Hicks.

As I read these books, I marked each statement that ‘spoke’ to me with a bright sticky note. Now, on a daily basis I return to each flagged statement in each book and align and realign with the words until I feel really good. I apply their words to my current life and revel in the wonderful feeling of alignment.  It takes about an hour. 

The other night near the end of my happiness hour, I suddenly felt the alignment between me and my Eternal Self. It started as a warm feeling in my third eye followed shortly by a warmth near my heart. Soon, a crooked arrow of buzzing warmth zigzagged from my third eye to my heart. With a little concentration, the arrow straightened out and a rapid stream of energy connected my head and heart for several minutes.

In those moments, it felt to me as though the thought I was thinking (a desire I hold for myself) and the feeling I had about that thought, matched how my Eternal Self felt about that thought on my behalf and we were in true alignment. It was a wonderful few moments. If this is why our muses are stepping back, to allow us to connect with Us, then we are in for a wonderful adventure.

Cheryl Jensen, February 25, 2019, Lake Goodwin


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6 Responses to Connecting with My “Self”

  1. janonlife says:

    That sounds a really good way to work, Cheryl. Interestingly, a friend and I have recently been working through Gregg Braden’s latest book, which describes – I think – more or less exactly the process you are using to align the heart with the mind and thus open up to a complete connection.

  2. What a beautiful experience! Alignment with head, heart, and eternal self. I find the more I’m grounded, the more easily everything else connects up and flows. It’s just been challenging to feel grounded lately.

    • Since Higgins is on hiatus I’ve returned to reading Abraham-Hicks to help me feel grounded and it has been wonderful, because it is a challenge to remain grounded sometimes.

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