Has Androgynous Spirit Guide

Question:     Thank you for this information. Both you and Higgins. I have two other questions if they are inclined to answer.

You mentioned that I have one powerful guide who is androgynous.   Can they elaborate?

Is it possible to know if I have spent other lifetimes with my daughter and my son or this is our first together?

Bless you for you time and your sharing and your efforts to share Higgins with the world.

Higgins:     A)     All Spirit Guides are powerful, helpful beings. They would not be chosen to assist on this difficult Earth adventure if they were not highly qualified.

B)     Both negative and positive, yin and yang, male and female exist in every speck of What Is. Every speck of dust, every tree, every person, every non-physical energy entity is whole this way. Most people and many non-physical entities choose to express either the masculine side or the negative side more intensely.

C)     Going backwards along the Universal Family Tree to the Godhead, God expresses itself as both/and rather than either/or.

D)     Sliding forwards along the Universal Family Tree from the Godhead towards humans, the oldest beings (God’s first children) have become Godlike in that they express both/and.

E)     Many people choose two or more Spirit Guides, one ‘male’, one ‘female’, for balance.

D)     Let’s describe your personal guide as two generations older than the typical Spirit Guide. Thus, in a manner of speaking, your Guide is a two-fer. You got two in one. This more mature Guide maintains a certain stability that the typical Guide cannot provide.

E)     A person would choose this sort of Guide when the plan for the Earth realm was especially difficult or you truly, without fail, intended to master some aspect of being human.

F)     With guides who are closer to humans on the Universal Family Tree it is sometimes easier to develop fun, interactive relationships. A Guide like yours is much more likely to be discrete and unwavering.

As for your children and whether this is your first life together: No. Neither of your children would entrust such difficult life experiences to a stranger.

Received September 19, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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