On Reincarnation and Souls

Question:     I believe strongly in reincarnation, or at least the concept that we all have the opportunity to have many human lives.  I tried to ask my guides about a friend of mine who used to contact me after her death but suddenly stopped after about five years.  The response I got was that this friend is now involved in another human life.  I then asked whether that means she would have been born as a new baby at that point, or whether this happens outside of the timeline we follow while on Earth.  The response I got through dowsing was:


The implication seemed to be that once she had left her body, she was able to put her focus into this other human aspect of herself.

I wondered whether this explains why we sometimes dream that we are living other lives, but in what seems to be the present time.

I wish my channeling skills were better!  I’d love Higgins’ comments on this.

Higgins:     We are in agreement with your assessment of reincarnation. Your soul has the opportunity to be born and reborn and usually does so until it exhausts its interest in the human experience.

What you may not understand is that your Soul–note the capital S, Soul–may monitor several lifetimes at once. (The Soul is the same at Jane and Seth’s oversoul.) The soul is the one involved in focusing into one specific lifetime. The Soul (oversoul) is the one that monitors you in the way a person might operate a remotely controlled toy, like a drone. The soul goes about its business, focusing you into a day to day life. The  Soul (oversoul) monitors the soul’s progress. A soul will eventually become skilled enough to advance to Soul (oversoul) status. The Soul also advances.

The structure is much like this: you are the project; your soul is the student; your oversoul is the college level teacher’s aide. All the ‘yous’ there are continually expand until, through a sort of concentric circle configuration you return to your center, God. We realize we are saying expand to get to the center and although this seems counter intuitive this is what happens.

It is unlikely your friend has returned to inhabit a currently active soul lifetime because the body already has a soul in it. What is more likely is that your friend is actively engaged as a Spirit Guide for her ‘twin sister soul’.

We encourage you to continue to access your own knowing. The human mind, and words, are not complex enough to completely grasp or explain the non-physical. Nevertheless, you are well able to understand enough of the information you are receiving to get the basics, in the way that you may not be fluent in a language but understand enough to get the gist of the conversation.

Received June 11, 2017

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5 Responses to On Reincarnation and Souls

  1. Alain Rifat says:

    Stunningly interesting and informative! Thank you so much for sharing! No doubt it’l help bridge the discoveries coming from modern science with the revelations from mystics.

    Mystics work on the soul (and the Soul!) Scientists work on matter. But both are discovering that ultimately they seem to be interested in the same “object”! Both found that only energy exists (“Whatever matter is, it isn’t made of matter.” H.P. Dürr: physicist); (“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff”. Sir A. Eddington: physicist). And energy seems to be information. If true, our Soul drives us in a sort of Great Game in a virtual reality we take for real! What Higgins thinks about energy and information would be very helpful to discover, isn’t it?

    • Higgins says we are made of light. When light slows it becomes matter. The ‘virtual reality’ is a great way to describe what we perceive as life and reality.
      I will certainly be interested to ask your question and discover their take on this.

  2. janonlife says:

    Thanks so much for obtaining this fascinating answer to my question for Higgins, Cheryl. Yes, I think ‘getting the gist’ is an excellent way to describe the way we are able to grasp some of what happens in non-physical realms.
    So delighted to have this validation of the Seth/Jane Oversoul idea. I loved it when I first discovered it, and have always thought that it ‘feels’ right.
    I’ll also be fascinated to read Higgins’ response to Alain’s question.
    Jan x

  3. It is a very interesting perspective that the soul will continue in the cycle of death and rebirth until it exhausts itself with human life. I find reincarnation and all of the different beliefs behind it to be very fascinating. This is a relatively new perspective for me so, thanks for sharing!

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