I admit it. I bit off more than I was able to chew the first half of this year. There are many things I have accomplished since December that I feel good about. I’m choosing to focus on those things I did well…like recover from having almost no work at all last year, like learning not one but two new jobs, like helping with the vaccine clinic in the early stages of the vaccination effort in my community. I shall let all the things I didn’t do, which are many, pass into a wisp of fairy dust which I shall imagine raining down on me like potent fairy dust fertilizer, and I shall begin again.

It is, in my opinion, always easiest to get started when one has good news, and I have good news. Higgins is back. Of course they say they’ve been back a long time, just not in the overt way that I am used to. As my life settles down and time opens to return to writing I shall post about their return, as well as continue sharing about their original arrival in 2005.

Bright blessings to each of you.


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3 Responses to Well….

  1. Good News! Glad to hear from you Cheryl. I was just thinking about you and Higgins and what was happening two days ago.
    I thought they were graduating to a different group, or is it the same??
    Happy Faery Dustings to you 🙂

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