June 20, 2021

I awakened before dawn, so I got up and took a blanket outside to meditate with the birds and the sunrise. The birds chirped merrily as the sky lightened in the east. The light began to show as negative space through the branches of the towering evergreen trees in the neighboring yards.

I will swear that Higgins was back and coaching me again. It was different but gently definite. They moved my head a little and then thought to me, like sending me inspired thoughts but in a conversational tone.

They covered things like time. Time exists without space, but we need space (or some kind of marker) for us to assimilate that time is passing. Our minds do not have the capacity to understand time as it truly is.

Another way of phrasing that is to say: To conceptualize time we need space or some other marker.

They also ‘said’: Remember the palace in Turkey where all the floors are the same? It was built like that so if an enemy got inside perhaps they would get confused on where they were within the building and not be able to complete their mission, or perhaps not be able to find their way out.

Higgins continued: When we open our eyes we see a ‘room’ and we sometimes get confused thinking the ‘room’ (think of a ‘room’ as a situation) we are in as reality, as the right or only ‘room’ we can be in. Instead, reality is altered by our frequency. If we change our frequency we alter the ‘room’ (situation).

A very nice way to do this is depicted in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when Indiana’s father sits down to let the solution come to him, or ponders a situation over a nice cup of tea. That is what you should do to alter the ‘room’ (situation) you are in, if it needs altering.

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