Body Itches All Over

Question:     I currently am struggling with a mystery itching illness. My body constantly itches all over and has for the last couple months. The doctors have found no answers for me and are telling me they hope it works itself out.

Higgins:    Body ailments stem from harbored emotional discomfort and mirror one’s emotional state. A body that ‘constantly itches all over’ is a reflection of someone who is uncomfortable in their own skin.

It is not unusual at all for humans to be uncomfortable in their bodies. Bodies are housing units. The soul is eternal. The soul enjoys human life for the opportunity for spiritual expansion and growth that physical life provides. Wearing a body feels to the soul a little like wearing ski gloves to thread a needle. It is cumbersome and while some become quite skilled at it others never quite identify with their body.

You are suffering a disease of the spirit that is manifesting in your body. The first thing, and quite frankly the most helpful thing, that you can do is relax your mind. No amount of mental work or struggle will solve this problem, but relaxing your mind can.

So for tonight we want you to relax about all your problems, whatever they may be. We realize this sounds simplistic but it is very effective. While you begin to let go of thought, practice breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out.

When you are ready, we want you to make a statement to self, “Energy stay with me.” Energy is designed to flow from just above the head to just below the feet (this is the condensed version of energy flow). You are losing a lot of energy off to your left. It probably feels to your ego (that little person that provides the sense of an ‘I’) as though you are hemorrhaging energy and it is frightening to self/ego because it feels like death. Energy loss like this is a spiritual emergency and should be treated urgently.

In a few seconds to minutes you will feel more full. When you feel ready direct your energy to flow head to toe. The earth is the ground for human energy. Even if you are lying in bed direct the energy head to toe. It will find its appropriate way.

Then remember to relax mind and body. Breathe. Drink water. Ask for a pitcher of water and bless the water. Tell it, “Thank you. I appreciate what you do for my body.” Allow it to sit for 10 minutes before you drink it. Bless it every time more water is added.

Sleep on this. We will address the remainder of your question later.

Received September 29, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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