Is Ebola the Rise of the Zombies?

Question:      Is ebola the start rise of the zombies?

Higgins:     Yes and no. The ugliest symptom of ebola is severe and uncontrollable bleeding. A person afflicted with ebola who begins to bleed both internally and externally develops ugly sores that look eerily similar to the way zombies are depicted in television and movies.

Anytime a person’s attention is attuned to a thing, more of that thing is created in the life of that person. The current zombie craze has millions of people tuning into television and movies that graphically depict walking dead. Thus, literally the zombie craze has created in the mass conscious a disease that creates walking dead.

To counter ebola and prevent the rise of similar afflictions we encourage you, en masse, to gently turn away from inflammatory horror-style television and movies. Lean instead towards all things gentle and peaceful. This will sway the creation of mass consciousness towards gentle, peaceful things and ebola will slip easily away.

Received October 1, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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