Struggling with Grief and Depression

Cheryl’s note: This is a continuing response. First portion posted September 30, 2014 as Body Itches All Over

Question:     I am also struggling with my grief and depression, which is what brought me to (hospital). I feel hopeless and can’t seem to move forward. When I try to make progress on my mental and emotional health, my physical ailment causes me so much distress and misery I seem to lose my footing. I just am hoping for some answers so I can recover all around in mind, body and spirit.

Higgins:     The real issue you face is grief and depression. We mentioned in the first portion of our response to you about the itching that you are hemorrhaging energy. Someone or some event has occurred that is literally draining you of life’s energy. That is why you can’t move forward. In order to solve this, practice retraining your energy to flow harmoniously from head to toe as we described yesterday.

Every person has the capacity to draw staggering amounts of energy from their Universal Source. All issues humans face require physical or mental energy expenditure. This is true whether the situation is a happy one or whether it is emotionally difficult. We want you to clearly understand that regardless of the situation plenty of energy is available to you. How you flow the energy is the deciding factor as to whether the situation becomes life draining.

When one’s personal energy flows turgidly, robustly from head to toe as it should then one makes decisions and takes action from a place of centeredness. This is not only more satisfactory to the giver but also to the receiver. This is so because the receiver will be ‘forced’ to learn stand in their own power (which they intended when they came forward the into physical) rather than drain you of yours.

The next step for you, after relaxing mentally and collecting your energy, is to stop trying to make progress. We realize this may seem counter intuitive. Remember that the first most important thing you can do to help yourself is relax mentally about your situation, whatever it may be. Rather than ‘try to make progress’ we ask you instead: try to find humor everywhere, try to find beauty everywhere, try to truly appreciate as much of life as possible.

Small opportunities will present for you to take action. Take action. Then resume a relaxed mental state, check your personal energy flow and resume a flow of appreciative thoughts.

Relaxing about your situation in life will resolve the itching. Taking small, very small, action steps as they arise will help you climb away from your uncomfortable situation into a happy situation. The tendency, though, is to look at the mountain of very small steps that need to be taken to move your life situation from here to there and to calculate the amount of time it will take to accomplish all this. This sort of thinking is detrimental and will cause your skin to itch again. Each time you find yourself in this mode of thinking simply remind yourself of Lao-tzu’s quote: The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

If you will enjoy every single step, your life and your health will begin to flow smoothly.

Received September 30, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. mabear4mc says:

    Higgins, and Cheryl,
    Thank you so much for your words of wisdom, on Grief and Depression, and drawing energy back to oneself. I really appreciate reading this today. 🙂 Hopeful One

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