The Four Gospels and Barnabas

Question:     My question is which is the truth about Jesus…the 4 Gospels that are currently in the Bible today or is the new book of the Gospel of Barnabas telling the truth or is neither one or a combination of them all telling the truth?

Higgins:     There exists no one version of Jesus’ time on Earth that is completely accurate. In that time that Jesus lived on Earth his teachings challenged the current belief system to such an extent that his life was literally endangered. Moreover, very often it was not safe to be a follower of Jesus teachings. When his teachings were committed to writing the words had to be chosen in such a way as to not be too threatening to those that formed the ruling, governing entity.

That is in great part why there are variations, discrepancies, vagaries and (allow us to coin a word) vague-aries in Biblical stories.

In part, of course, there are always variations in a story when more than one person is recounting simply because one person’s perspective will differ from another’s.

To answer your question more directly: All the versions contain some truth and none are completely accurate.

Received October 9, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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