The Gospel of Barnabas

Question:     Is the Gospel of Barnabas a true record of accurate written words? Or was it forged to make it different than the 4 Gospels that are currently in the Bible? It seems there is debate over the new ‘book.’ Was it written well after Jesus and not an accurate writing or is it still very accurate?

Higgins:     It is important when considering Biblical scripture and other writings surrounding Jesus to remember that they were written after events occurred. The words of Jesus are paraphrased as the writer remembers. Similarly, stories are recounted as remembered. Often, one person’s perception of an event will differ from another’s.

In the Gospel of Barnabas, Barnabas is reported to ask Jesus (we paraphrase), “How can I recount this story when I was not there?”

We include this to help you understand that the stories, all of the stories around Jesus, contain some truth and some inaccuracy. The point of the stories is not to provide perfect historical accuracy but rather to disseminate the wisdom teachings of a man whose connection to Spirit/Source/God/Allah was clear and unfettered.

Received October 9, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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