Why Was Jesus Crucified For Our Sins?

Question:     The Gospels that are currently in the Bible have Jesus being crucified for “our sins.” Why is that? Was Jesus actually crucified for the sins of us humans? Or is it our misinterpretation of the Bible passages surrounding Jesus and his crucifixion for “our sins.”

Higgins:     The word ‘sin’ originates from archery. It means to miss the mark, the gold spot in the center of the target.

The eternal spirit that is Jesus took human form on Earth as Jesus of Nazareth some 2000 years ago. He is especially skilled at this game of Life and chose to come in order to remind men of that day what it is to be human. He came to remind mankind of their own divinity.

If you will now envision the cross. The vertical bar represents man’s divinity, his connection with the eternal realm. The horizontal bar represents man’s expression of that divinity in the Earth realm.

If you will also consider that God emits a homing signal. The job of mankind is to tune into it. On the cross, the homing signal is metaphorically located at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical bars. To sin in Biblical terms truly means your horizontal and vertical lines are not meeting at the God Spot. When you do not connect with your God Spot first, before thinking, speaking or acting it is highly likely that whatever you do will miss the mark.

It matters not how hard you work or how good a person you are. If you do not connect with the Universe through the God spot you will have a hard time in life. The more connected a person is, the easier and more fun life it. Jesus came to remind men of that day to connect.

The confusion arises in that no matter how clearly one person, in this case Jesus, explains the connection the receiving person must hear it, agree with it, process it internally and then practice until it becomes automatic. It is even more difficult to learn from the writings of those who were in the process of internalizing and practicing this information. They were not entirely clear on how to do it. Further, the writings that were clear have been omitted from the Bible.

When a person, any person, comes forth sharing ideas that challenge the norm it produces fear in some and joy in others. Jesus was killed because his ideas produced fear in some. It is in this way that Jesus died for your sins. He died because he dared explain how good men and women, just like the men and women of today, were sinning (missing the gold spot on the target or the God Spot). He died because he dared tell the establishment that in order to make change one had to change oneself. And that is done by finding the God Spot or the human Sweet Spot and living one’s life through God, through the homing signal God/ Elohim/ Yahweh/ Allah/ Waheguru/ Brahman/ Great Spirit continually emits.

Received October 15, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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