Will I Ever Be Content?

Question:     I’m tired of struggling. I’ve had more than I ever thought I could deal with.
I am resentful my life is not turning out how I hoped.  Will I ever be content, and when?

Higgins:     We are glad that you are tired of struggling. It is at this point of exhaustion, when a person finally gives up struggling, that the greatest spiritual progress is made. Spiritual progress comes first which translates into solutions for every day.

Struggling is a form of resistance. In the way a swimmer who gets into long seaweed may struggle causing the tendrils to draw tighter eventually causing drowning so struggling against life’s events will cause you a feeling of drowning.

The first thing that you need to do is stop struggling and you do that by relaxing your mind. There is nothing you can do to solve life’s difficulties that is more effective than relaxing the mind. Relax about your life and everything in it. Just stop.


When you are ready and your mind is relaxed read on.

The Universe is abundant. (We use Universe to be synonymous with God. God is abundant.)

Humans attract the every day experiences of their lives by how they feel about what they think, say and do. You can consider yourself a magnet drawing every moment of your life towards you with these feelings.

The church often teaches that God will answer your prayers simply for the asking. This teaching is incomplete. God doesn’t just give you what you ask for. You get what you get by becoming emotionally equal to it. You ‘ask’ not with words but with the emotion attached to the words. It is in this way that God has given you free will. You have the choice to respond to life as a reflection of the love that He is. You also have the choice to respond utilizing the full range of emotions that humans are capable of. This range includes many emotions that are not in alignment with God-love. The abundance that Is within the Universe returns to you based on the emotion you emit. If you don’t like your life, or any occurrence therein, it is because you have emitted a strong negative emotion that is not aligned with God-love and subsequently drawn forth from the abundant Universe a reflection of that emotion.

Humans are powerful, powerful creators. The more practiced you become the quicker life responds to your requests. Remember, you request with the feelings that accompany every thought, word and action. When life presents similar events repeatedly and you respond with the same emotion repeatedly God/the Universe responds by giving you more of same.

This is the cycle you are in. That’s why we say the first and most important thing you must do to stop this unintended cycle of difficulties is relax the mind. Relaxing the mind breaks you loose from the cycle.

What you must do next to completely change this negative cycle is respond differently to life’s events.

God emits a sort of homing signal. This homing signal is the emotion of love with love defined as a deep and abiding appreciation for what is. (For what is, not for what you wish to be.) The goal of mankind is to match that and then respond to life events. What man does, mostly, is respond to life events and wonder why God doesn’t help. They wonder where God went. Mankind feels forsaken because mankind has forgotten to do their part which is to match God’s  love before responding to life’s events.

You haven’t told us exactly what problems you face but we can say that whatever problem you face there is beauty in it. There is also a solution. We can say this with certainty because it is true for all problems that occur. In fact, we often say there are no problems. There are only solutions.

Your job now that you have relaxed your mind is to begin looking for the beauty in the drama that is the human unfolding. Every problem has many solutions. Find a solution for each problem that arises that feels like love. This approach will cause great expansion of the love being that you are. Master this technique for it will prove to be your greatest strength, a gift to the world and the physical expression of your personal human truth and part of your reason for existence.

Will you ever be content? Can you envision yourself responding to the disappointments, sorrows and horrors the world has to offer and feel love and enthusiasm for them? Can you envision relaxing into the love that you are and knowing that by doing so you’ve done enough?

If so, yes you will be content.

We believe in your ability to achieve this and we believe you will come to eagerly anticipate the unfolding of your life as you learn to live life as a literal reflection of God’s love. When you are ready we encourage you to begin choosing your life with more determination and confidence. It is entirely possible to choose your life’s direction. It is much like driving a car. Simply decide where you want to go and then go there. It is easiest to do this once you’ve mastered the technique of matching God’s love first.

Received October 19, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA



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  1. janonlife says:

    Huge thanks to whoever asked this question – and even greater thanks to Higgins for the response. Having suffered a round of setbacks and problems in the last week, it was exactly the advice I needed.
    Bless you Cheryl for posting it. ❤

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