What Does ‘The Human Flourishing’ Look Like?

Question:     In a post quite some time back you used the term ‘the human flourishing’.  What does that look like from your perspective?

Higgins:     The human is designed to flourish and the Universe offers true abundance. The Universe is unlimited.

The human flourishing, from our perspective, means that on an individual or group basis you’ve been able to determine what you want and subsequently learned to consistently direct your thoughts towards the achievement of it. It means that you are capable of holding a positive attractive vibration for a duration significant enough to allow the Universe to respond to it. It means that you are creating individually and cooperatively for the common purpose of happiness.

When humans can do these things they will flourish. From your perspective it will look like prosperity, good health, rewarding relationships, and fulfilling work. Work is no longer a misery for many but instead a joy for one and all because work is an avenue for expression of each of your many and varied individual talents and interests. It will look like swift and efficient travel from one location to another; plenty of time for play and recreation; delicious, nutritious food; and beautiful, high quality housing and common areas. In short, the human flourishing is all about creativity for the sheer joy of creating and then reaping the rewards of such creation.

Received October 25, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington



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