Could the Gospels in the Bible be Wrong?

Question:     Is the Gospels that are in the Bible currently actually maybe wrong? The reason I ask if it is wrong is because a new book has recently surfaced called the “Book of Barnabas.”

This book has many differences compared to what is written in the 4 Gospels that are currently in the Bible as of now. The Gospel of Barnabas states that Jesus never was crucified but Judas was instead.

Another difference is that Jesus denies his own deity-ship and claims not to be the Messiah instead he points to Muhammad being the Messiah, whom Jesus said will come after him.

Higgins:     The Bible as it exists now is a collection of writings by different authors over a long period of time. The writings have swayed over time through loss, deterioration, destruction, editing and personal agendas. The books that made it into the Bible were chosen for two primary reasons. The first was to create a homogenous belief system so the books had to match up in their stories. The second reason is to recount the stories well enough to placate the demand for information about Jesus teachings without sharing enough mystical wisdom for the common man to apply it.

Jesus taught the divinity of man to the common man and that was as scary to the defining powers that existed then as it is now to the defining powers that exist now. Jesus said things like, “Your belief has made you well,” or, “This thing that I can do you can do and more,” and, “If your belief is strong enough you can tell the mountain to move over and the mountain will move over.” Original texts included the how and why.

While Jesus was definite about his purpose on Earth he was always very clear that what he was is what you are. You are divine eternal beings and powerful creators. The Earth realm is your canvas.

Returning to your questions regarding the fallibility of the Bible, yes there are errors and inconsistencies throughout. What is important is that there is enough information contained within it to stimulate thought which leads to questions and the subsequent seeking of answers. Seeking answers to what mankind is all about always ends with the discovery that the answer lies in the heart of each person. The Pope does not have the answers. Churches, governments, dictatorships, democracies…they do not have the answers to your wellbeing. You as individuals hold the answers which are as varied and personal as the askers. The answer has been hiding in plain sight, all you ever have to do is look to your hearts.

Received October 27, 2014 at Lake Goodwin, Washington


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