What Happens After Death?

Question:     (In the post from October 6, 2016) Higgins said there is no Heaven. My question is since there is no heaven, what exactly is there? If we could get a peak into the after life if you will.

Higgins:     The living body is inhabited by an eternal soul. The soul is what allows for a sense of ‘I’. Sometimes this sense of there being an ‘I’ is referred to as ‘ego’. Whatever it is called, it is an eternal spark of consciousness. There exists also a greater part of you that remains non-physical at all times. This is the part of you that stimulates emotion within the body. This is the part of you that ‘drives’ you. In a metaphorical way, humans are very much like radio controlled toys: something outside of you drives you to like what you like, to dislike what you dislike, to feel what you feel.

When your body dies, the soul rejoins that greater part of you. There is often an adjustment period while the little soul ‘wakes up’ in much the way a person is sometimes slow to wake from heavy slumber.

Once fully rejoined the combined soul/Soul continue planning your next adventure, whatever it may be.

Received November 18, 2016

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  1. janonlife says:

    So simple and clear. A perfect answer.
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