Explaining the 2016 Presidential Election Result

Offering from Higgins:     Let’s try to explain the election results. For ease of understanding let’s assume there are two possibilities, Democrat or Republican.

The people of your country, both Democrat and Republican, are becoming dissatisfied with the status quo and want some kind of change. On a subconscious level you all know that the Democrats will not be able to bring substantive positive changes. Also subconsciously, the Democrats are afraid of the change and afraid to lose a sense of control. The Republicans on the other hand, are expressing their desire for change in a more heated way, they are angry.

We now have two dominant emotions: fear and anger. Of the two, anger is the more powerful emotion. Fear is a powerless emotion. We also have a need for a presidential candidate who meets BOTH emotions, one who reflects the fear of the Democrats and the anger of the Republicans. Enter Donald Trump.

The Democrats, by virtue of their fear, in a metaphorical way patted Mr. Trump on the bottom and pushed him through the door of the White House saying, “In you go.”

Every one of you is a divinely inspired being of light and that includes Mr. Trump. Now what?

If the Democrats remain in fear then of course there will be some cause to feel fearful.

If the Democrats can find in their hearts compassion for their own fears and desires and also compassion for Mr. Trump you can expect to see two potential outcomes:     Either Mr. Trump will follow the mass consciousness of compassion and become a magnificent leader for the United States or he won’t be able to find his compassion. If he doesn’t find his compassion then the magnitude of the mass consciousness of compassion comes into play. If the magnitude is great enough it will push him out of the White House very quickly. If the magnitude is small and the strength of compassionate conviction is wishy-washy he may stay, possibly uncomfortably, through his tenure.

We encourage you to choose compassion. Through your strength of conviction for compassion we encourage you to raise Mr. Trump to be the best he can be, to be a hero for the people and allow him to go down in history as a great president. It will just be more fun if you do.

Received November 11, 2016


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  1. Thank you so very much for this message. So encouraging!!! Very uplifting, indeed.

  2. janonlife says:

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    I’m not an American, but like the rest of the world, I’ve followed the US presidential election – and the reactions of both sides – on the media.
    I’ve spoken before of the brilliance and clarity of the information Cheryl Jensen channels from Higgins and I’d urge everyone to read and share the wisdom here.
    Jan x

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