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Question:     What is soul?  How are soul & spirit related?   How do soul & spirit interact?   Given the teachings of Higgins these last years, what do human emotions have to do with soul?   What is the function of the human aura & how does it interact with human soul? Do we grow soul and/or are we grown by soul?

Higgins:     The Soul is that part of you that remains in the non-physical realm while your little soul experiences physical life.

One could envision soul as an eternal consciousness that inhabits a body. We believe you are using the word spirit in the same we employ the word Soul. The Soul is the spirit, the energy source, that keeps the spark of life that the soul is, lit.

The spirit (Soul) monitors the soul and offers emotion relative to each experience the soul encounters. It is the job of the Spirit Guide to act as muse for the soul. The spirit (Soul) guides the soul in an emotional game of Hot and Cold until the soul reunites with spirit at the body’s terminal point.

Humankind experiences themselves as bodies however you are really light beings and that is what the aura is, a light signature. The aura doesn’t really interact with the human soul. The aura simply express how well the soul is doing at keeping spirit (Soul) flowing through the body.

Life experience is a growth experience. Both soul and spirit (Soul) expand because of it. A general outline for one’s life is agreed upon by soul and spirit prior to birth. After that, spirit steadfastly guides soul by emotion, intuition and inspiration. Spirit Guides also offer inspiration. The difference would be something like Soul inspiring one to action, ‘Run!’ while one’s Spirit Guide might offer a thought, ‘I’d like to try my hand at painting.’

Received April 25, 2016


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  1. janonlife says:

    What an interesting post. I had to read it through a couple of times before I got the distinction between small-s soul and big-S Soul, but I’m there now!
    I love the ’emotional game of Hot and Cold’. I play that game with my grandchildren and can see what a good analogy it is for physical Life.

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