Meditation and Earthquakes

Question:     This earthquake ‘slippage’ that goes on regularly has me wondering if meditating on the fault lines & tectonic plate movement would be helpful and/or if Higgins would want to address ‘the big one’ & its timing…shall we all move to eastern Washington?

Higgins:     The Earth is a living organism. It cannot stay the same or it will die, as is true of all things, so Earth movement is inevitable. Extensive damage and destruction are not.

We recommend you show the Earth how much you love her. Action speaks louder than words. Learn to live in harmony with Earth and nature. Then she will live in harmony with you. Her movements will be less violent, more in harmony with man’s existence.

Meditation is certainly an effective approach to assisting a human metamorphosis from violent and uncooperative interaction with the Earth to harmonious, cooperative interaction. Meditation can also assuage and allay upcoming natural disasters of all kinds. Meditation specifically upon the tectonic plates and fault lines would be very helpful in the short term but learning to live in harmony with the Earth will be more effective over time.

We strongly encourage each of you to develop a personal meditation practice to tap into this flow of harmony. Then, regardless of whether anyone else chooses to participate with you, you will move through your life in harmony with the Earth regardless of what she does.

Received April 4, 2016

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