A Different View of the Second Coming

Question:     After many years of study/teaching/praying/living I have come to believe Jesus’ reference to coming again in this way … that the Second Coming of Christ is about human beings living into our own divinity – that the Second Coming is when each one realizes they are Beloved, and that we have access to the same eternal Spirit/God that Jesus pointed to and prayed to/with.  The Second Coming is & will be when we humans live out our lives ‘from the heart’ believing that Jesus was one prototype for the fullness of human being. Such a glorious moment that will be when we take our life path as surrendered to the Spirit within.  At present we seem to be living out of our personality rather than our soul – ego rather than eternal spirit/soul. 

I believe this possible path is congruent with his call to us to” ‘go out and do greater things than he’, the kingdom of God is within, they are one as we are one”, etc.  

How do these words/images fit with your view/knowledge? 

Higgins:     Decoding the Bible is a delicate task and probably not possible. Instead, let’s help you understand more broadly. We are dealing with two separate things and calling them one thing. When ‘God’ comes down from the heavens, that is not God. These are manlike beings that created humankind and then participated in daily life with mankind for a period of time.

God is the ultimate consciousness and energy source that the universe exists within. God is a matrix. God is a canvas. God is a power source. God is ultimately, the only consciousness that exists.

There was a time on Earth when mankind lived closer to that understanding and Jesus diligently endeavored to explain how to do that. John 8:24 (ESV) for example: I told you that you would die in your sins, for unless you believe that I am he you will die in your sins.

The only death is the death of the human body. The soul is eternal. The point of life is to live in a body while maintaining a fluid ‘conversation’ with the eternal. Once one discovers how to maintain this fluid conversation death is a non-issue. One may live a hundred thousand years and return to non-physical upon a whim.

The eventual and inevitable return of the those beings that created man and the reconnection to the eternal source of all that exists are two vastly  different things that have been fused into one.

When all of this becomes confusing and twisted and can’t be sorted out we wish for you to remember that your goal is to follow your happiness. That is how you will find connection with the eternal.

Received April 4, 2016

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