Is Jesus Already Here?

Note:     This question refers to the post, Christ Coming Back?, from February 3, 2016.

Question:      I do have one question about them saying Jesus is already here. Do they mean physically or in spirit/energy? The reason I ask this is because I have seen another website of channelers and they have posted conversations they have had with Jesus, and one of the posts they had Jesus saying he decided not to reincarnate again.

Higgins:     It is very difficult to transfer our knowledge and wisdom into words. When we ‘speak’ through the entity, Cheryl, we energetically swaddle her and we stimulate her brain with energetic impulses that mean what we mean. The problem, if there is one, with this kind of connection, is that frequently we want to say something that the entity cannot comprehend. Perhaps the topic is too complex or the information is too foreign. Either way, sometimes we settle for close.

Jesus is here on Earth now. We do not feel this is a contradiction to another channeler’s saying that Jesus is not returning because of the complexity of human reality. The human mind cannot construe the Universe as it truly is.

 Let us give you what we are trying to sort through within the entity.

  • Jesus is one man, already born
  • Jesus is also two other people, already born
  • Jesus is none of these exactly and all of these exactly
  • This Jesus may or may not know who he is, reveal himself as Jesus or even be The Jesus, but may be doing the job that Jesus had planned to do
  • the Antichrist is also born
  • there are also three antichrists, not one
  • the antichrist also will not seem as the Bible describes it
  • regarding ascension, one option is to be ‘beamed’ up as in Star Trek’s “Beam me up, Scotty.” The other is to learn to ‘be one with God’, which would allow the body to break up into light and apparate and disapparate at will. Remember, mass is light slowed down.
  • There are two ‘Gods’, the true God or Source of All That is and the other true God, the one of the Bible, which are not one and the same.

This is as close as we are able to get and all of this is true and similarly it is all incomplete. Think for a moment about water. Can you describe water in words? Impossible. One must drink it, wash in it, clean with it, wade in the sea, swim in a lake, stomp in a mud puddle, experience rain, snow, sleet and hail, witness a glacier calving, fall on ice, sit in a steam bath and walk through the desert with no water to even begin to know what  water is.

We can best help you by suggesting that the God(s) of the Bible and the God that is the source of all things are not the same. When you read the Bible we ask you to open your mind to other. We want you to understand the Bible is incomplete.

However it is occurring, man has come to a threshold of spiritual expansion. Will he be able to step across? Not if he expects Jesus to do it. Do you see why Jesus returning openly could slow man’s spiritual progress?  Open your hearts to love. Know love in the way we discussed knowing water. Everything else is a red herring. That is all Jesus (and Satan, too, by the way) wants to explain to you and if you do that all the rest will fall into place.

Received January 1, 2016 

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