Curious about the Creators of Man

Note:     This question also arises from the post February 3, 2016, Christ Coming Back?

Question:     Are the artisans that created mankind still living on (or inside) this Earth?

Higgins:     No, not inside the Earth although some still join you on the surface from time to time.

Question:     And did they recreate us here on Earth after civilization on the planet Mars was destroyed?

Higgins:     Not exactly. You are different.

Question:     One other thing, are they still working on blending genes and DNA with other intelligent species to create an improved human race? P.S. I know the point of Higgins’ message is love, kindness and compassion, but their answer sparked much curiosity. thanks! 🙂

Higgins:     Yes-ish. They continually study genetics and breeding but not necessarily to create an improved human race. They study to learn.

Received February 29, 2016

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