Shooting in Orlando

From Cheryl:     I’m a little…I don’t know what…over this shooting in Orlando and as I asked Higgins for something to feel better they reminded me of the fellow interviewed on the news who was inside when the shooting started. He said he wasn’t going to die this way. Not today.

They lead me through a mental conversation and it went like this:

Speaker One: “It’s true, I’m going to die some day, some way. But I’m not going to die this way today.”

Speaker Two: “That’s not how life works.”

Speaker One stares blankly for a moment at speaker two.

Speaker One then says: “It is how life works. That’s exactly how it works.”

Speaker One continues:  “You decide who you are so clearly that when someone else decides they are going to shoot someone, you will be far away. They may shoot someone but it won’t be you. It will be someone who is less clear about their life.”

Note: It is the clarity about what you are not that is important. (I’m not dying right now because I have something else to do and knowing that to be true in the core of your being.)  The how of getting to who you are is different. Just be clear that you have something to share somewhere down the road of your life and be looking for avenues in which to do it.


Cheryl Jensen and Higgins



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5 Responses to Shooting in Orlando

  1. Thank you for this.

  2. janonlife says:

    Thank you Cheryl and Higgins. That makes me feel better, too. It mirrors what I believe about my own life, and the way I try my best to live it. It’s also a great way to stay clear of fear.

    I was interested, though, in the comment that someone who will die is ‘less clear about their life’. In my belief system, just as there are those who know they have other things to do than to die that day/that way, there are those who at consciousness level HAVE chosen to die that way on that day to fulfil a particular soul purpose. Your post suggests a third group – people who live their lives at some kind of default setting, without any clear intention. That’s an interesting idea, and one I hadn’t considered. Did I get that right? – Jan

    • Yes. They could have gone on a long time on soul contracts and the unconscious agreements we have. The third group you write of, those living at a sort of default setting, are actually most of us. Higgins says most of us live by default and do not know they can, or how to, manipulate their lives to be as they choose.

      • janonlife says:

        I wish the whole world would sit down and just listen to Higgins for a while! We’re so fortunate to have their wonderful guidance. A further post on soul contracts and unconscious agreements would be very welcome when you and Higgins are able to add some more information on it.
        Thank you for the reply, Cheryl x

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