Contacting Those Who Have Passed On

Question:  I wondered about speaking with the dead or ones who have passed away. I’m pretty sure it is possible, but just wanted to make sure it is. And if it is, how do you go about doing so? Do they have to contact you in some way and you have to notice or can you call upon them an ask if they wish to speak with you?

Higgins:     Communication with those who have returned to non-physical is entirely possible. Communication can be audible, visual, scent oriented and known. Know simply means you KNOW that a loved one is in the room with you although you may not see, hear or smell them. Very often they have passed and are checking in on you. There may be no message or other intent.

Another option for communication is to invite them to visit with you. This format requires that you be able to see, hear, smell or know in such a way as to be able to understand what they are sharing with you. Typically, you ask them to come and when they arrive you ask your questions and receive a response, just as you would conduct any conversation or interview.

Question:     And lastly the reason I mentioned (name of up and coming singer who died recently) and about her passing is once I learned of the news I looked online and seen what was going on and exactly what info they know about what really happened to her and so on. While doing so, I felt something in my gut and in and around my aura or at least I believe that is what it is. That (her) spirit or soul was trying to contact me, wanting me to speak with her. I never have known her personally, never talked to her, just a fan. But I felt something and so I just had to email you right away about it. I wanted to see if you or Higgins or both can help me with this, if this feeling is correct or something else entirely. Just wondering what to do. And if it was what I thought it was, how do I go about doing so?

Higgins:     We strongly encourage you to believe your own knowing. There are any number of reasons why this woman’s spirit would have sought you at that time. Typically, this sort of connection occurs when the spirit’s passing occurs in relatively close physical proximity (within a few miles) and on some level the receiver is in a relaxed and open frame of mind at the moment that the disoriented spirit is passing. It’s kind of a, “Something funny is happening to me right now and although you are a stranger you seem to be a kind stranger and do you know what it is?” sort of thing.

Sometimes, a person is contacted on passing because the departing soul has some kind of soul’s contract or intimate connection with that person that will not be able to be met. It’s an informative, “Hey, I’m leaving early,” sort of notice.

We feel in this instance that you and she are soul friends and she reached out to you for comfort in that moment of discombobulation that sometimes occurs at death.

We assure you that she is well cared for where she is now and is being gently guided through the process of re-entry into non-physical. Once a person dies it can take about a year for that person to fully reawaken to non-physical so it may take that long before she can communicate with you from that side, if that is your intent.

Received June 20, 2016

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