Sun’s Radiation and Cancer

Question:    As I was slathering sunscreen on myself this morning in preparation for mowing the lawn, the thought crossed my mind, since radiation is sentient and Higgins has let us know that it wants to work with us and not hurt us, could we help the sun’s radiation change so it would be in harmony with our bodies? Could we change it so it has whatever benefits it provides to earth and us humans, without the radiation burning our skin? After all, you’ve already been working on harmonizing radiation here on earth.

Would this even be possible, or is the sun’s radiation the way it is for reasons way beyond my understanding? I keep getting the thought that size is not an obstacle.

I think I’ve been brainwashed into believing that if I get too much sun/ radiation exposure, I’m likely to get skin cancer. I’d love to either not get sun burned (without sunscreen), and/or not be destined for skin cancer. I’d appreciate Higgins’ take on this.

Higgins:     The sun is very hot and of course when a thing gets too close to something hotter that it can manage, it burns. If you flew a space ship into the center of the sun it would burn up. The kind of burn you are talking about is radiation. The sun’s radiation does not need to harm your skin. Humans are out of step with the spirit of the world around them. This has created weak spots in the space between the Sun and the Earth. In this ‘space’ are important filters that help to prevent damage by the Sun to the Earth’s surface and to Earth’s inhabitants.

Your specific question is: Can we change the radiation of the sun so that it doesn’t damage skin?

The answer isn’t as simple as yes or no.

If we assume the radiation from the sun stays the same one option is to repair the space between the Sun and the Earth to restore the natural filters that prevent damage from the radiation of the Sun.

If we alter the radiation then we have a different problem which is new radiating waves are being produced. You could change one wave but the next wave is a new wave, you see.

Your best option is to seek life in harmony with the natural world around you. Respect the strength of the Sun by avoiding its rays at peak radiation times and wear long sleeves and hats to protect your skin when needed. It sounds rather simplistic but you will make friends with the Sun when you honor and respect its great strength.

Your next concern is about cancer. Cancer is a different thing entirely. Cancer is not about the Sun’s radiation. Cancer is about your physical representation of your beliefs about the world around you. To prevent cancer we would have you develop a sense of your own power. We would have you make friends with your life and make room for doing the things you love to do. We would have you think nice thoughts. We would have you feel comfortable in your own skin. See the metaphor?

The Earth is a safe place for you. Or not. Make of it what you want it to be.

Received June 26, 2016

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