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Question: And here is another section of questions so not to confuse the two. And for myself, I have felt well non-gender like so to speak off and on. I was born male, but most of the time don’t feel to much of any gender. I enjoy what the stereotypical male is supposed to enjoy at times and also the stereotypical things females enjoy. Can’t say for the females what they wear or use as makeup as I have not tried those things but I do enjoy the look of them and adore them more from a female mind if you will than a male mind, but again the gender norm of society. So it seems I enjoy female fashion, I can’t say the same for the male fashion, that’s just a no. So, it confuses me on being me, I don’t feel well very human not in the society way at least. Sorry hard to describe the feelings with words. So how can I best express and choose me? I guess is what I’m saying.

Higgins:  In the non-physical form, you are all both male and female rather than either/or as you are in physical. It is not uncommon to feel confused about this. This confusion reflects some level of recognition that you are not one or the other, you are both. Trying to be one or the other seems alien, and trying to fit the social ‘norm’ is uncomfortable because the ‘norm’ does not reflect the entire truth of who you are.

In physical, each of you is given a body with hormones that help identify the sex you intended to identify with in this lifetime. Typically, you choose a sex that will help achieve your spiritual growth goals the best. Use this as a guideline for knowing which sex you intended to be.

In man’s history, there was a time when women were dominant. The pendulum swung and now men are dominant. As the pendulum swings back again and mankind begins to realize that neither men nor women are better suited to dominance, that there are qualities to be admired from both sexes, it is to be expected that humans will begin to express that quality in their expression of self (as both rather than one or the other).

Our suggestion to you is to continue to admire what you admire about both men and women. Whatever you focus upon will become your reality. If you’d like to find socially palatable ways to express both sides of you, then do so. If you’d rather present your male side, only in better clothes, then develop a new style. Look back in history, men have worn lots of things. Maybe it is time to suggest something new and more fitting?

We realize there are those who choose to identify with the opposite sex and undergo hormone therapy and even surgical alteration to assist in their unification with the sex they feel most drawn to. We would use this as a last option. Before making such a decision we would find our happiness.

As for not feeling human in the social norm…No one else fits the social norm either. So why do you all still pretend that the social norm is normal? Look around and see how many of you have decided to stretch the boundaries. As mankind begins to realign with their true fullness the boundaries will change. We hope as you do this that you will do so with grace and consideration or the transition will continue to be quite rocky.

Received April 20, 2018


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