I Enjoy So Many Things

Question:  I have been pondering myself for some time. Higgins talks a lot about doing what you love and some about living your dreams. Doing what makes your heart happy. I was wondering if Higgins could explain it a bit further. What I mean by that is, I get stuck on which direction I should go. I love cartoons, and to draw, and also enjoy voice acting just by myself at the moment but it is something I love. I love to day trade, whether it be futures markets, or some times stocks, options, forex. I also love other things, like food, the dietary health to help others and other things. My question is how to know what is my true love in this case? I have many but how can I pick just one and do it? Is it possible to do them all, probably. But just in case I can’t, how or what is the best way for me or anyone struggling to decide what is the best career choice when you have too many options, too many to choose between. I understand life is a wonderful thing of choice and contrast and expression. But how do you know what you love, and what to go after for sure when you have so many options and love so many, and can see myself doing most of them? It gets hard to pick which one I enjoy the most. I don’t know if I can or will.

Higgins:  Aren’t you fortunate to have so many things to enjoy? The first thing to do is to acknowledge how wonderful that is. It isn’t a problem. It’s a joy. Fortunately, you don’t have to pick just one. Enjoy them all. It may be that some become hobbies while others provide an income, but there is no reason not to enjoy what you enjoy.

In order to sort things out, though, consider what you’d like for your life. Do you want happiness? What about prosperity? Do you like people? Would you like fulfilling relationships? If you will define the overall outline you choose for your life, then all those wonderful things you enjoy will act as paint on canvas. As you become clear about your overall choices those things you love to do will begin to sort themselves out.*

A helpful tip: Choose what you choose with conviction and determination, expect the Universe to provide it, whatever it is. Your job is to follow your inspiration. Inspiration is how God communicates with you. Choose your outline well. Be clear about your desires and you will be inspired towards happiness, whatever happy is for you.

Choose the outline of your life, let inspiration lead you to the rest. Define and redefine as often as necessary.

Received April 18, 2018

*See My Prayer of Choices, March 21, 2018 for an example of choosing an outline.



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One Response to I Enjoy So Many Things

  1. simulismblog says:

    “Inspiration is how God communicates with you. Choose your outline well. Be clear about your desires and you will be inspired towards happiness, whatever happy is for you.” How wonderful !

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