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Feels She Has Done Something Wrong

Question:  Please help. I hope that you are well. Since April I sustained bilateral ankle sprains, at least 1 foot bone bruise, a bruised tailbone and a wrist sprain. Only the tailbone has healed. At least two of these injuries … Continue reading

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Emotions Are Street Signs

Higgins:  Negative emotions are not punishments for previous deeds. Negative emotions are indicators that you need to change your thoughts. Street signs…that’s all emotions are. Only humans continue to punish themselves after making a mistake. Animals do not do this. … Continue reading

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More on Suicide

Question:  I was recently reading your post “Regarding Suicide.” Is it true that if we commit suicide, we do not learn the lessons we intended to learn when we planned our lives in spirit? If we commit suicide, do we … Continue reading

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The Simple Solution to End Conflict (Part 1 of 2)

Question:     Conflict in the Middle East, conflict in Africa, drought, starvation, violence. Now, in the U.S., a riot in Missouri. Is there a simple answer to end this? Higgins:     Yes. None of you were born with the intention to hurt … Continue reading

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