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Question:  I was recently reading your post “Regarding Suicide.” Is it true that if we commit suicide, we do not learn the lessons we intended to learn when we planned our lives in spirit? If we commit suicide, do we have to come back to learn those lessons? Or can it be that suicide is the lesson and we don’t have to come back to re-experience the heartache that brought us to that point?

Higgins:  We cannot answer this question with a yes or no because each of you is different. Each of you is unique. You choose a general life direction for the value it will be to you. Then, you expect that your Broader Self will monitor your every thought, word and action and give you feedback. Feedback comes in the form of emotions. If you are close to what you planned for yourself your Broader Self gives you emotions that feel good. If you are not thinking, speaking and acting in ways that you planned for yourself, your Broader Self stimulates bad feeling emotions.

Emotions are information. When you feel bad, you are being instructed to change the direction of your thoughts. 

Let’s think about driving in a car. If you program your navigation system with an address it will tell you which way to go. If you make a wrong turn it will tell you to turn around and go the other way. It will keep on telling you to go the other way until you do.

Your emotions are the same. you will keep receiving negative feelings until you change your thoughts.

Many people consider suicide. It is a natural flow of thought when you feel bad. But suicide is drastic. If you were to follow through with such a thing, you’d get back to the other side and gain a clearer viewpoint. From that clearer viewpoint you would say, “Oh! Now I get it!” And you would be eager to jump back into a body and try again.

Our question to you is, “Why not stick around and try to figure it out?” The emotional pain you are experiencing right now is about perspective. Your Broader You wants you to look at this situation differently, that’s why you feel so bad.

Try changing your thoughts. You’ll find that it’s work at first. Nevertheless, persist in choosing only thoughts that bring relief. When your mind floats off, thinking thoughts that bring pain, change the direction of your thoughts. We’re not looking for that happiest thought you ever had, just one that feels a little bit better than before. That’s all. Just a little bit better and then a little bit better.

Received May 24, 2018


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