Feels She Has Done Something Wrong

Question:  Please help. I hope that you are well. Since April I sustained bilateral ankle sprains, at least 1 foot bone bruise, a bruised tailbone and a wrist sprain. Only the tailbone has healed. At least two of these injuries were done by my ex-boyfriend being clumsy and rushing in some manner. Friday, after completing an appointment about when I can take my medical boots off, he rammed the front wheelchair wheel into my sprained ankle. And possibly caused another bone bruise. Thing is, I have been housebound for two months because the medical boot (he) has me unable to walk outside on my own and people haven’t been visiting. I can’t take this latest injury. It has to heal. I have to continue physical therapy because I have lost so much muscle mass. But I am scared that I will prolong any bone bruises or causes stress fracture if I do. I had to take a break from seeing my ex-boyfriend until I am someday stronger. I don’t understand … all but one of these injuries was caused by other people. I am frightened to be out in the world. I was very weak after a work injury in 2016 and I had cerebral palsy, and all of a sudden people are bumping into me stepping on me pulling me etc. and every time that I’ve made adequate steps to getting stronger another injury comes. And the doctor say that I have to rest. But I am losing too much muscle mass so please tell me how to heal and please explain why this is happening over and over. I am so scared and I think about suicide daily. Because the other thing my two best friend stop speaking to me. there was no reason given beyond something vague. I know they’re both going through something together but they have never let me in to see what that was. My family moved away a year ago and I can’t join them right now nor should I. Somebody told me to study a course in miracles but that says this world is false. But that was the only way to make the injury stop. Please tell me what to do. I feel like I must have done something very, very, very wrong.

Higgins:  We want you to clearly understand that you have done nothing wrong. In fact, you have done the only thing that any of you can do, and that is respond to the laws of the Universe. How you got to this point of desperation is irrelevant (not to you, of course, but in finding a solution).

The first step in solving this is to determine what you want from life. Let’s assume happiness is your primary goal for this lifetime. It’s safe to assume this, since happiness is the primary goal for almost all of you.

Your current sense of desperation, and happiness, are quite far apart in emotional terms. No matter how hard you try, and Friend, we know you have tried, you cannot leave desperation and move straight to happiness. It defies Universal Law.

What you can do, though, is move from desperation to hope.

From where you are emotionally, all you need to do is seek thoughts that bring relief. And this, Friend, is your work. You must focus the way a dog focuses on a ball. He never takes his eyes off the ball. The ball is his. He will get that ball. In that moment, that ball is the only thing in his world. A better life for you has to be the only thing in your world. You must focus on having it. You must relax many times per day and allow your mind to quiet. When the mind is quiet you are best able to ‘hear’ the response the Universe has for you in how to achieve a better life. You will be ‘given’ steps to take. Follow them. Each step will bring a sense of relief or a sense of a gaining a little more power.

The focusing will be the hardest part of your ‘work’.  Stick to it. This part is your trade, your offering to the Universe. Remember, there is a Law of Economics at work right alongside the Law of Attraction.

Another helpful tip is about energy. You must learn to keep your energy and not give it away. Meditate quietly 20 minutes twice each day. Instruct your energy body to allow energy to fill all your cells, the way water fills a sponge. Then, when you feel full, direct the energy to flow through you from head to foot. At this point you are ready to let your mind relax. When thoughts arise, let them pass, the way a mountain does not latch onto the clouds, but allows them to pass. 

This is the same technique you may use to ‘hear’ inspiration when you ask for guidance on how to have a better life. After filling yourself with energy, ask the question, “What is the next step I might take to make a better, happier life for myself?” Then relax your mind and await the response.

This should help you get started on turning your life around. Suicide is not the option we recommend simply because once you get to the other side you will see with such great clarity you will want to jump back in and get started again. 

Something we notice about you all is you let others get you down. You have a whole bunch of rules to live by but none of you like the rules. Yet still, you beat each other up with the rules. Forget the rules for today. Seek to live this moment better than the last moment. Notice we use the word ‘moment’. If you wait for days and weeks and months then life slides by pretty much the same. Make the changes you need to make now, in this moment, so you don’t have to wait so long to see improvement.

We’d like to add that at the very least, for right now your boyfriend needs to remain your ex. His energy is not compatible with your well-being, your energy is not compatible with your well-being and the two of you together will not be well suited to your healing. As for your friends, all things push and pull together and apart through an invisible matrix. Your energy is so low and slow right now that they are pushed away. So don’t hold their wandering away against them, they are simply responding to Universal Law. What you can do is begin cleaning up your emotional offering so that they will once again be drawn towards you through the matrix. (Right along with that better health!) And you will clean up your emotions by focusing your thoughts on ways to make your life better.

Received June 3, 2018


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