Prosper Ndabishuriye Is in Town

Many of you will remember Prosper Ndabishuriye who visited the Everett, Washington area a couple of times about ten years ago. Prosper shares an incredible story of reconciliation between the peoples of his country. He is here sharing that story and raising funds to continue the reconstruction of homes that were destroyed in the fighting, and to build schools and orphanages.

His is quite an amazing humanitarian story that continues now for 22 years. From the beginnings of his story he has founded the non-profit organization,                             Jeunesse en Reconstruction du Monde en Destruction (JRMD) –
Youth in Reconstruction of a World in Destruction (YRWD)       

While his primary focus while he is here is to raise funds, he and I have been talking about how meditation might be helpful and how it might be applied towards this monumental reconciliation effort. For example, we think the school children might benefit from a school wide meditation program.

Whether he knows it or not, Prosper is applying the Law of Attraction in a significant and meaningful way. What I find most significant is that Prosper has found his life’s work at the intersection between the world’s deep need and his personal interests and concerns. This is something mentioned often on this site. Prosper embodies the very thing that Higgins suggests will bring happiness and fulfillment to our lives.

To review his work see

If you feel inspired to assist in his fund-raising needs by donating, you may donate through his site, or in the USA you may mail a  check made to  FSN/JRMD and mail it to:   217 S. 168 St. Burien, WA 98148.

If you feel inspired to assist his effort in other ways, contact him at

Prosper needs $4,000 USD this month to pay teachers wages at the school. His total fund raising goal is $166,500 USD.


Cheryl Jensen

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