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Unemployment Rate

Originally posted in December, 2011. Offering from Higgins: Stop worrying about the unemployment rate and whether or not the government is providing jobs for you. Instead, relentlessly pursue  expression of self that brings you a sense of fullness and satisfaction. … Continue reading

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The Kindness Paradigm: A Reminder

Just in case you’ve forgotten about The Kindness Paradigm I’d like to repost this from February, 2014: Seemingly every political candidate runs their race on a platform of ‘change’ yet as a people we don’t have a clear vision of … Continue reading

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The Simple Solution to End Conflict (Part 1 of 2)

Question:     Conflict in the Middle East, conflict in Africa, drought, starvation, violence. Now, in the U.S., a riot in Missouri. Is there a simple answer to end this? Higgins:     Yes. None of you were born with the intention to hurt … Continue reading

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