Unemployment Rate

Originally posted in December, 2011.

Offering from Higgins:

Stop worrying about the unemployment rate and whether or not the government is providing jobs for you. Instead, relentlessly pursue  expression of self that brings you a sense of fullness and satisfaction.

You will find in expressing the true you that there is a niche for you that you will like and that will provide you with a comfortable life.

It is not the responsibility of the government to do this. It is your responsibility and you will find it is also your joy because it is what you came here to do. When you allow a government to do this for you, you are giving away an essential part of yourself and that leads to unhappiness.

It matters not what a government is doing. It matters only what you are doing. Are you truly happy doing what you’re doing? If not, are you moving in the right direction?

Received December 6, 2011

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