What Does Higgins Think About Energy and Information?

This question is related to my post from 6/11/17 on reincarnation and souls. cj

Question:     Stunningly interesting and informative! Thank you so much for sharing! No doubt it’ll help bridge the discoveries coming from modern science with the revelations from mystics.

Mystics work on the soul (and the Soul!) Scientists work on matter. But both are discovering that ultimately they seem to be interested in the same “object”! Both found that only energy exists (“Whatever matter is, it isn’t made of matter.” H.P. Dürr: physicist); (“The stuff of the world is mind-stuff”. Sir A. Eddington: physicist). And energy seems to be information. If true, our Soul drives us in a sort of Great Game in a virtual reality we take for real! What Higgins thinks about energy and information would be very helpful to discover, isn’t it?

Higgins:     You are spot on regarding your description of life being a ‘Great Game in a virtual reality we take for real’.

Matter is light slowed way down which is why we say you are beings of light. Light is energy. Energy is generated by consciousness. There is one consciousness that exists and that is Prime Source (A.K.A. God or Allah or Great Spirit). You are a segment of Prime Source rather than something separate from it. Thus, you are a segment of consciousness and as such your thoughts are creative. Your thoughts create energy. Therefore, when you have a new idea; when you converse with others whose ideas stretch your beliefs; when you travel and see something new…all these things create energy and that is how God/Prime Source expands. It is continually expanding and grateful to you for being willing to play this amazing game which stimulates expansion.

When you have a thought your body vibrates as a response to the thought. Perhaps your body vibrates in disappointment. Perhaps it vibrates in agreement. Whatever the vibration, this vibration repeats the way a stone tossed into water creates a ripple effect along the surface of the water only rather than being visible only along the surface it repeats in every direction. That vibration is energy and the energy carries with it a copy of your thought along with the emotion you carried about the thought. This is information you give the Universe.

Let’s talk about tornadoes. The smallest tornado carries wind speeds of a range around 50 mph. The largest carries wind speeds of perhaps 300 mph. When you have a thought that creates a small emotional response, you are an F-0 tornado when it comes to creative power. When your thought carries very strong emotion you can reach F-5 creative power and manifest the physical metaphor of your thought very quickly.

The Universe knows what to ‘send’ back to you because it can only send a copy of what you tell it. The information you give (your thought/emotion combination)  is a vibrational request. It is always answered. Every time.

Received June 30, 2017


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  1. simulismblog says:

    Dear Cheryl,

    “Matter is light slowed way down which is why we say you are beings of light”.
    So simply synthetic and so informative! Science teaches us that matter is energy and light is a very efficient way to convey information. Vibrations can interfere and therefore create new information, but without destroying the inputs. A mathematician can recover every incident wave from the interference pattern. That could maybe help to understand: “You are a segment of Prime Source…” isn’t it?

    Higgins tells us that thoughts are also vibrations and contribute to “play this amazing game which stimulate expansion.” Again so compatible with what we know about light and energy! And it bridges energy, emotions and information, which is the core of the question. Thank you for asking Higgins! And thanks to Higgins for his fruitful answer!

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