When Another Person Just Won’t Be Nice

Comment from Cheryl:

This question is a repeat. The answer is new. The asker needs clarity and requested that Higgins responds somehow differently to the same question.


Hi Higgins, on Wednesday evening last you all were talking about dealing with people who may not be treating you very kindly.  A statement you made was something like this:  “Removing yourself from the situation or person for now may be necessary, but that is a master’s last resort.”  If the other person just won’t be nice or kind and continues to be abusive, then how can that change?  Isn’t it best not to keep going back for more and more abuse and being a victim?  Why is this a last resort instead of a smart move to keep oneself out of that vibrational level?


Let’s remind you, Friend, that this comment was made while we were visiting with you in person. The importance of this is: we understand well your desire to masterfully manage your personal energy.

The master develops such compassion for man’s spiritually complex voyage on Earth that their very presence changes the atmosphere of a room for the positive. A master of personal energy rarely needs to leave the room because the love, compassion and certainty of the divinity within all mankind that radiates from within the master is so powerful that all those within the room come to align with them and their positivity.

Of course if the master’s inner guidance said clearly, “This is not the place for you right now,” the master would leave that place. Once the master was safely removed the master would review their own energetic offering, acknowledging their part in the play. By acknowledging their own part the master determines what energetic shifts need to be made within themselves. The master makes the needed shifts as they move forward in their life.

You physicals are never victims. That is an idea you’ve made up to explain why unpleasant things happen within your lives. It is completely incorrect. All interaction is two-way. Nothing is ever done to you. All things are done with you and are completely harmonious with your current vibration.

We suggest, Friend, that you remove yourself whenever you feel the need. Every time you feel the need we also suggest you review your part within the play honestly and without fear. Make alterations in your energetic offering where necessary. Use the gathered data to intentionally create anew. Create fresh new experiences that are in keeping with your ever evolving desires.

Why is removing yourself from difficult situations a last resort instead of a smart move to keep oneself out of that vibrational level? Because you physicals fail to do part two. You fail to review your own part in it and make the needed changes. Instead, you blame the bad behavior of others on them and run away without reviewing your own part in the encounter.

Once you come to understand fully that all things are for both and take responsibility for your own energetic emission life will take on a new and vibrant dimension.

Received June 10 and 11, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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