Where Is Mankind Heading? (Part One)

Question:    Where is mankind heading?

Higgins:     Only one thing exists anywhere and that thing is the Prime Source of all life. There are many names for this Source; God, Goddess, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit. Regardless of name Source is the creative beginning of everything including you.

When you ‘leave’ the non-physical realm for the physical journey you step another level away from Prime Source. The expectation is that within the physical realm you will remain fully connected to the Wisdom of the Universe. What happens instead is most of you experience static in the line of communication between you and your Eternal Wisdom, in essence becoming disconnected from Source.

Mankind is on a journey to reconnect with Source. Most of you die in order to reconnect but that is not necessary and in fact mankind wishes to reconnect from the physical perspective.

The Bible, Genesis, Chapter 5, Verses 21-24: the life of Enoch is described briefly. Words vary depending upon the Bible version chosen yet the idea remains the same: Enoch lived in close communication with God and Enoch never died. God took Enoch.

Generally speaking it is the goal of each and every Soul that chooses to experience a physical life as human to walk so closely connected to their Source that when the time comes to return to non-physical they simply cease to exist in the physical format, the way that Enoch did.

Received September 26, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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