Does Higgins Have Any Advice For Me Finding A Great Job Fast?

Question:     Does Higgins have any advice for me finding a great job fast??

Higgins:     Friend, remember the life you are living now  is a result of the thoughts and emotions you’ve been emitting about work for the last several years. In a way today (and everyday) is a test result. The life you live today is in large part a result of the thoughts (let’s call those thoughts desires) and emotions you’ve held for the last several years. If the desires you hold have been met with emotions that support your desire then right now you have a terrific job.

Once emotion matches desire the desire manifests quickly (minutes, days, weeks, months).

Rather than try to help you with something that is just a little beyond your reach today let’s help you focus instead on procuring a job that is OK. Maybe it won’t be the job of your dreams but at least one that will help pay the bills.

(Before we go further let us assure you that you are on the right track to attain the life of your dreams. You simply have not arrived there yet.)

The first step in attaining a job is to simply relax. Right now, with all the bills piling up and your desires frustrated, stop. Relax. Breathe. Now is not the time to create the job for you have done that in your past. Now is the time to manifest that which you have created.

Draw your energy back into yourself by saying something such as, “I want my energy to stay with me.” Shortly, you will feel better. As soon as you do direct your energy by saying something like, “I desire that my energy shall flow harmoniously through me that I may experience life in my happiest Truth.” You may also wish to specifically summon your Spirit Guides to assist you in attaining a job that you would like.

From this place of centeredness listen inwardly to the communication that bubbles forth. You will be prompted towards some action. Take action only from a centered place. Each time you become off-center step back, realign the energy flow and start again.

Once you have procured a job and the money begins to flow and basic needs are met then resume the creation process toward the job of your dreams. Settling for an OK job may seem like a backwards step but it is very difficult to attain a dream when the emotion you carry is worried about meeting basic needs.

The fun part of this is that in procuring this OK job you will then begin to notice how many things about this new job are very much in alignment with the job of your dreams and you’ll find you’re not so very far away after all.

Received September 27, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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  1. Love ya Cheryl! I really needed that, thank you for answering so fast. It was a stressful day and when I saw Higgins response it just helped me let go and relax so much. 🙂 Whew… Keep me in your prayers.

    Blessings, Bill

    Bill Wolford

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