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Question refers to post from November 28, 2013 entitled ‘Mixed Signals from Greater Self to Transgenders?’.

Question:     Thank you, Higgins; this is helpful. I am surprised at the information about spirit guides and goals, though. I suppose that with people like me, who have no specific goals, it is harder for the spirit guides to do their job.

Higgins:     The ‘job’ of the Spirit Guide, or one primary job, is to inspire you towards your goals. This means goals of your pre-birth agreement. However….understanding that all of you have a pre-birth agreement to continually seek that which feels better emotionally a Guide could and would assist you in, say, plotting revenge.

This may seem counter intuitive based on all we’ve said about Eternal Truth’s however, what has come to be known as The Law of Attraction (the entity inserts here a thank you very much to Abraham-Hicks for coining this beautiful, understandable phrase) is a very powerful law or rule of the Universe. It is. It exists everywhere.

From the physical perspective each of you acts as a magnet drawing life experience towards you. The magnetism you emit is a vibration that is always equal to the emotion you either are experiencing in the right now, this moment, or that you carry in a general sort of way most of the time.

Based on understanding that personal life is a result of the emotions you feel, isn’t it important to always feel as powerful as possible? And is revenge not a more powerful feeling than that of victim?

Spirit Guides help you achieve what you want to achieve because pursuing desires makes you feel good and powerful. If the highest most powerful emotion you can achieve is revenge your Spirit Guides will help you get there. If you decide to move beyond revenge to happier, more powerful emotions then your Spirit Guides will help you do that.

As you learn to act on emotions remember the reason for reason. The heart provides the emotion. The brain tempers action stimulated by that emotion. The brain filters information it has stored relative to the rules of the society and says either yes, this is a great idea and I shall pursue it or yes, this is a great idea but pursuing it will eventually lead me further away from the happiness I desire because this does not fit the rules of the society I live in.

Guides are on-call 24/7 to assist you. They really like working as a team with their human counterpart. When their human counterpart ignores or remains ignorant of their inspirational offerings long enough Spirit Guides do get discouraged and sometimes bored. When, like you, the human counterpart does not have many goals the Guide will continue to assist with thoughts that when followed upon would ultimately lead towards your happiness. The term ‘hard’ as you used it works in some ways but Spirit Guides don’t think in terms of hard. They think in terms of that didn’t work what now?

Received November 29, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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  1. Lune says:

    Love this, Higgins. My guides are happy pleased with this post.

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