Interpreting Negative Emotion

Question:     The interpretation of negative emotions is something I wonder about a lot; I often don’t know what a ‘bad’ feeling is telling me. I feel as if I am navigating with a broken compass.

Higgins:     There are no broken compasses however this is a beautiful description to help us understand how you are feeling.

This applies to each of you: you are a beautiful soul, your intentions when you come forth into physical are pure, the navigational system designed for you is in good working order.

When you think thoughts that are true relative to your soul’s pure beauty you feel good, powerful, strong, uplifted in heart.

Thoughts that are not true do not feel good. That is why looking in the mirror and thinking, “I’m ugly,” brings a bad feeling. It is not true. This why when you fail at something and say to yourself, “I’m a failure,” you feel bad. In brief, you feel bad when you disagree with your Self. You feel bad because your Eternal Self disagrees with your Physical Self.

The solution is simple but takes practice. Each time a thought comes to mind that causes you to feel bad reword the thought until the feeling that comes with the statement feels good or at least slightly more power filled. You may need to look at the issue from one or more new directions until thoughts come to mind that do feel good.

Let’s go back to the looking in a mirror example. “I’m ugly,” isn’t going to feel good unless you’re dressing for Halloween and want to look ugly. Try things like, “I’m not dressed in a way that flatters me.” Wait a moment for the heart’s response. If that is true your heart will agree with you. If it is not true then try another statement until a statement that is true lights your heart.

There is always a constructive solution to a true statement.

Received December 2, 2013 at Lake Goodwin, Washington  USA

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