Tired of Being Spoken Down To

Offering from Higgins:

Many of you are tired of being spoken down to. While you may not like our response to this we assure you that you do have the power to gently but firmly change the way people treat  you.

Interaction between two people is always a combined effort (albeit often unwittingly)between the two, regardless of whether you’ve ever met the other person before or have any understanding of how this could possibly be.

Life experience, including the way others respond to you, is drawn towards you by the vibration you carry. If you present yourself with calm certainty no one will ever speak down to you because you will not be (unwittingly) inviting them to do so.

Calm certainty will not suddenly emanate from you. Calm certainty comes from developing confidence in one’s own self. Each of you is a unique and capable being and there are infinite right ways and no wrong ways to proceed when living your life. When you come to understand that your way is right and that their way is right and that there exists within the Universe room for both you lose the quavering instability that draws negativity from others.

Standing in your confidence never needs anger or harshness for success. Standing in your confidence feels easy and graceful and kind. Developing this self assuredness takes a little time and persistence and we assure you it will be worth the small but continual efforts you exert.

Received September 24, 2012 at Lake Goodwin, Washington

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